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So I am just redoing the script and schedule for the new style of film. And never once has one of my own scripts ever really caused emotion in me. But writing this last scene, imagining it so vividly in my head, feeling every emotion of every character and listening to some music, I am very very moved. It makes me want to show you this story so much. Wow what a motivation for tonight.

That’s all until soon.

(P.S. Thank you so much for everyone’s support, I’m enjoying seeing the blogs viewcount rise SO quickly!)


We start shooting in less than a month.. Am I the only one that finds that slightly terrifying.. no matter how exciting it is?! I have such high ambitions for the project and really cannot wait to start putting together a great piece of cinema!

We are very excited to reveal that the wonderful Rebecca Pitkin will be taking over the role of Rachel in the film, you may recognise Becca from ‘The Spell’, and we feel very honoured to have such a great actress on board for the film!

It’s only fair for you all to follow the film as that’s what we promised, so here’s the latest news:

After a rather haste decision, we have decided to make the film a lot more focused on cinematography and the character’s developments. This will mean less ‘waffle’ characters, shorter filming times, and deeper actor-character interaction. I think that this is such a wonderful thing to happen to the project, and really bring the story back home to where it started. It will also give for much more screenings, and I cannot wait for you all to see it.

I know I am famous for my thank yous, but there are some people I cannot thank enough at the moment… Michelle from Just Be, purely for being such a wonderful kind person with such a personal interest in us all as well as from a business side of things. You HAVE to go and look at her Tshirts, they are super-duper-original! Also all our wonderful actors on board.. you know who you are! For believing in the film and really wanting to make good cinema!

New cast updates coming very very soon with some exciting news as to our lovely lady playing Rachel 🙂

Love and Peace,

“Growing up in London you see a homeless person all too often.. have you never wondered what their story is?”

Just a quick thank you for all the people who have already come to look at this new website (awesome word press allows us to see how many of you there are and we find it totally awesome just how many we had today alone!!)

Have you watched the teaser trailer yet?

Watch out for more casting news soon!! Exams are finally over (well not ALL) , so we can all focus on the film so make sure you keep checking back here for updates.. three times a week maybe? You know you want to 🙂 Why not go ahead and book mark us! According to word press and it’s statistics you have all had a big interest in talented young actress Katie Bignell!

We’ll be uploading more media when we start shooting on the 23rd of July

Stay tuned!

Just to let you know, we’ll be filming between the 23rd of July and 13th of August, with an exciting read through on the 23rd of July!


  • Welcome to dear Masarat Rashid, and Jon Pugh, both wonderful up and coming filmmakers, on board for Ebony Road!


  • Ashly and Ben who were going to play Rachel and Alejandro are very luckily planning to move out to Los Angeles, and so have had to withdraw from the project. But we wish them huge success out in the states! Be sure to keep an eye out for Ashly
  • Despite talented young american actress Addy Miller being cast as the Younger Emmie, due to fincancial developments, this is no longer possible. However, she is such a fab actress, if you are a US based filmmaker, go and hire her here
  • We are currently casting for several lead roles, including Joanne, Rachel, and Alejandro. We’ll keep you up to date with news