Thank You

Just a quick thank you for all the people who have already come to look at this new website (awesome word press allows us to see how many of you there are and we find it totally awesome just how many we had today alone!!)

Have you watched the teaser trailer yet?

Watch out for more casting news soon!! Exams are finally over (well not ALL) , so we can all focus on the film so make sure you keep checking back here for updates.. three times a week maybe? You know you want to 🙂 Why not go ahead and book mark us! According to word press and it’s statistics you have all had a big interest in talented young actress Katie Bignell!

We’ll be uploading more media when we start shooting on the 23rd of July

Stay tuned!

  1. LA said:

    Have just read the actress playing Joanne has had to withdraw – does that mean the role of older sister is still to be cast? Is there somewhere we can send CVs/Headshots?
    Thank you! x

  2. Hi ‘LA’ the character of Joanne is not the character of Emmie (the older sister). And the role has never been cast, it was the role of Rachel that has been recast.. I should put up a characters page!!

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