Another waffly update!

It’s only fair for you all to follow the film as that’s what we promised, so here’s the latest news:

After a rather haste decision, we have decided to make the film a lot more focused on cinematography and the character’s developments. This will mean less ‘waffle’ characters, shorter filming times, and deeper actor-character interaction. I think that this is such a wonderful thing to happen to the project, and really bring the story back home to where it started. It will also give for much more screenings, and I cannot wait for you all to see it.

I know I am famous for my thank yous, but there are some people I cannot thank enough at the moment… Michelle from Just Be, purely for being such a wonderful kind person with such a personal interest in us all as well as from a business side of things. You HAVE to go and look at her Tshirts, they are super-duper-original! Also all our wonderful actors on board.. you know who you are! For believing in the film and really wanting to make good cinema!

New cast updates coming very very soon with some exciting news as to our lovely lady playing Rachel 🙂

Love and Peace,

“Growing up in London you see a homeless person all too often.. have you never wondered what their story is?”

1 comment
  1. Kaitlyn said:

    Sounds so good and I cannot wait to see the film! plus ur cast are so good.. omg keith is hawt

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