Monthly Archives: July 2010

The role of Rachel has gone through many hangs since the early days of the script two years ago, it’s moved from Angela Peters, Ashly Rae, Rebecca Pitkin, and now… Emily Eaves! So she will be the official Rachel!

Emily is a dedicated and great actress and we can’t wait to start working with her, tomorrow!!


Here is one of our lead actors, Daniel Garcia, on his first day on set!

I’m afraid that we can’t post any more behind the scene images just yet, however, the above photo shows Danielle Geddes (Bluebelle) and Katie Bignell (Isobel Spurrier) working together today for the first time!

So, sorry for the lack of updates, as you can imagine, we are all very busy!

I can’t say too much, but that we are filming, with the most amazing crew and cast ever 🙂  Crew are working well together, with regular ‘diet coke’ outings after filming in the evenings! Today we were lucky enough to be joined by Annabel Savage, and Michelle Yim, two very supportive people of the film!!

I’m stuck of what to say.. so much happens every day!!

Breathing and eating the film… with the run up to filming, just about all that is on my mind is the film! Not that that’s a bad thing! Things have been very busy, but I guess that I have to remember to enjoy it every so often! We had a successful meeting with Production Manager, DoP and Focus Puller yesterday, and I am now just keeping my hopes high that things run smoothly regarding the schedule. There are two days that will be especially hectic on set.. but we are only human and will do the up most to avoid any issues!

We are looking into getting some behind the scenes footage for you guys, as your support has been amazing! So be sure to keep checking out the youtube channel for video updates!

Jobs: There are a few positions we are looking to fill, not for the location shoots, but for post production work.. One is for a voice over role. We are ideally looking for a young american girl to read the opening and ending passages. We are also looking for a suitable animator.. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you know anyone who would be interested, let us know and we’ll get in touch in a couple of weeks.

After a lot of discussion as to which actor should follow in the footsteps of Richard Mark for the role of Jay Frost, we have cast the wonderful Oliver Fabian for the role. Oliver is just finishing a run of ‘The Seven Sins’ and has also done a lot of film work before. We look forward to working with him on this demanding role!