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So before I leave for a holiday, I thought it would only be fair to let you all know what’s going on..

We’ve been shooting on and off for about 2 and half weeks now, and it’s going well.. The footage we have so far looks really great, although we have it yet to be edited together.

With everyone’s availability becoming more and more scarce.. I am starting to get worried about the filming schedule for the remaining scenes! But I know, as its me, we will get it done 😀  I’m not going to keep saying it’s hard.. as the thousands of you that read this thing already know I think it is.. but, I’m not superwoman. Just to confirm. As some people seem to think I am, and that I can do everything they ask me too 😛 I wish I was though.. that would be cool

These updates are becoming more and more waffle as the film goes on! (Sorry)

We’ll be posting some screen caps with some press soon!

Above is the latest teaser poster. Filming is going well, even if we are behind schedule due to a few *things*! It’s all still a lot of work for me, but I won’t bore you with another post of ‘Making a feature film isn’t easy’.. as we all know it’s not.. But it is fun!

Thanks to Louisa we have a press release for the time being: Click Here so dear press, you have no excuse not to get the story line right now.. unlike this piece of press “Ebony Road: Ebony Rae is a film about a prostitute and her past life and modern events such as kidnapping”  Wrong name, wrong synopsis.. oh dear! 😀