That’s a Wrap!

Wow well last night we shot our very last scene with the wonderful Katie Bignell and Daniel Garcia.  Wrapping on time and with the perfect weather, it couldn’t have gone better!

The film will from now on be in post production, and we’re looking forward to voice over and ADR sessions as well as lots and lots of editing and post work! Cutting down 4 months of hard work into a short feature-length film will mean a lot of footage will end up on the ‘editing room floor’. But of course, we’re all very excited for you to watch it.

Filming’s been a long process, with a 2 month period breaking up block one (Summer) and block two (October). But it has been a joy to film and to see all the characters come to life thanks to the wonderful actors. I am especially looking forward for you all to see the performances of Katie Bignell as the young homeless sister Isobel Spurrier, Daniel Garcia playing the perfectly bizarre character Keith Jessens, and Oliver Fabian portraying Jay. Our crew have of course been fantastic, and I will be working with many of them again in the near future on several new projects. Even with (many) hiccups, we’ve somehow wrapped! Not that I ever doubted we would, but some challenges did feel more like hurdles we just had to overcome rather than filmmaking! I have however enjoyed ever second of filming, and I will hold very fond and important memories of the whole experience. And with that, I say farewell to the summer shoot, the october shoot, months of pre production, a lot of hyper days on set, early morning diet coke, and hello to the next part of production.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us on the journey so far! Your support has been invaluable… from the lovely people on twitter and the press to family and friends.


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