The current group of us.. everyone does so much and is in no way restricted by their job title!

Maia Krall Fry – Creator

Masarat Rashid – Production Manager

Jazz Bhalla – 1st A.D

Joe Malone – Associate Producer

Charlie Jones – DoP

Jon Pugh – Focus Puller

Mark Andrews – Sound Recorder

Don Nelson – Sound Recorder

Len Usselman – Sound Recorder

Ryan Say – Editor

Murun Thorton – Animator

Alexander King – Animator

Ryan McAllister – Runner/Clapper

James Adkin – Assitant Director

Kate Cheeseman – Pre Production Mentor

Louisa Hamber – Publicist

Karl Matthews – Location Scout

With thanks regarding the original script to:

Glen Delahaye

Richard Raucci

Danielle Geddes

Caroline Masters

Zoe Sparrow

Eliza Schroeder

Kate Cheeseman

There were so many people involved in the production a while back, too many to list, but you know who you are, Eliza, Caroline, Jonathan, Claire etc etc!

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