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Dear all sorry for the extreme lack of updates, things are still moving slowly due to the countless number of things going on at the moment, BUT, we will be shooting and heading into full production in July/August this year!

I would like to thank all of the wonderful festivals who have written to us asking to premiere the film, we endlessly appreciate it! It is not ready yet, but when it is, we would love for all of you film lovers to want to watch it 🙂


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Just thought I’d post some lovely press cuttings!
You can find articles about the film in:

Daily Star “I’m so thrilled to win this tough new part”
The Scottish Evening Express “Article on Ashly Rae”
Scottish Press and Journal “Former Banchory Pupil Lands Lead Role in New Film”
Young Performer Magazine “Rising Star Maia Krall Fry”

Thanks to Ashly for the info! I will try to keep this post updated so you can look out for us 🙂 And I will try to upload some images if you want

Thank you everyone!
Ebony Road

It’s Tough

Making a feature is no easy task. There are no two ways about it. Especially when you are working on so many other things at the same time whether it be education, acting, working, or just hobbies. I cannot thank enough all the people who have already shown such great support for this project, a special mention to actors Katie Bignell (and her family!) Ashly Rae and Ben Farrar, Kate Cheeseman, Dani Geddes, and all those over the seas in America including the Miller family and ‘Just Be’.

This film is running on passion and creativity and I want to show the world that if you have enough of this, you can do anything you want. The press have been very kind about the project, all showing a lot of enthusiasm for the film! Thank you!

We have filmed a few scenes, and will start the full blow of filming over the next month, with the film hopefully being finished this time next year! I hope you all want to follow this films every step to completion!

Stay with us 🙂

Love as always
Ebony Road


We are very happy to welcome ‘Just Be’ to our family of people wanting to show a way of life, and a ‘state of mind’. . Just Be is a line of apparel and accessories not meant to inspire…but to Just Be. Just Be gear allows people to express how they feel or how they would like to feel! These beautiful meaningful tops will be able to be seen in ‘Ebony Road’.

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New Cast

Just a quickie..
We have finally found the perfect cast for the roles of ‘Keith Jessens’ and ‘Rachel’

Keith, the male lead, will be played by Daniel Garcia

Rachel will be played by Ashly Rae

I will add some photographs later, but we are very happy to have these amazing actors on board!

New Poster

Dani got it dead on, the story of hope, love and betrayal.
With professional support from Bafta award winning Kate Cheeseman.
Thank you for everyone’s support and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Location Photos

We can’t say all of the location’s have been choosen.. not even close… but I have my mind set on a fair few. I aim for the last few scenes to contrast greatly to the rest of the gritty rough image of the film.

Pilot Scene

I, the writer, really started losing passion for the project after waiting for the big shots, so, I did what any other a sensible person would do, and awoke my creativy and imagination by filming a scene of the film. People on set thought it was a very daunting thing to do, especially as I am a young writer, but after my friend Dani Geddes had asked me whether I wrote the script to make a film or to tell a story, I knew it was the right thing to do.

We had a really fantastic cast:

Richard Mark as Jay Frost
Ben Farrar as Alejandro
Katie Bignell as Isobel Spurrier

[See Stills in Media Section]


Sorry for the lack of updates, production has been moving very slowly, but as we hope some more updates will come in due course, please follow us on twitter! We will post any casting or general production news there as well as on here! Thank you!


Due to the high number of people wanting to submit CVs and Headshots, as well as people wanting to suggest actors for Ebony Road, we have created an email address where all sent information will be stored until official casting begins. Please note that it has not yet begun, but we will respond to any people we think are of interest.

This email is purely for the purposes of sending CVs and Headshots, and if misused, will be removed with immediate effect.

Thank you

Edit: This email can also be used for any one interested in participating in the production side of this project. Please note, if you are submitting to be a set based participant, you must reside near London, England

New Teaser Poster

Although the old one (which we had to delete off the site) was fantastic, here is a new, less high tech. teaser poster:

Addy Miller

The infectious, adorable, and utterly talented Addy Miller has been provisionally cast as the young version of the leading role! Although the part is for a red haired girl, Addy’s versatile look, as well as professional CV of films including “Blood Done Sign My Name” and “The Secret Life of Bees” drew us to pencil her in for the role! It is clear that we aren’t the only ones noticing her, having played the young Dakota Fanning, and with lots more films coming out soon, Addy seems to be having the funnest time ever in an industry where passion and love for acting is the only way not to come out all light-headed!
We are very excited and look forward to hopefully working with this incredible new talent!

Please note that any reference to casting may change unless it is stated as official.


Welcome to the official blogging space where all you lovely people can keep up to date with the film!

First things first, the script, as fun and enjoyable, if painstakingly hard and draining the script writing is, the worst part is the editing. Hours of proof reading, scribbling down notes, and rejigging the whole thing! But once your finished, it’s the best feeling in the world, especially to know that someone else has found the script utterly engaging.

We have the best two script editors on board for this project, Richard Raucci and Glen Delahaye, who are pushing to get it in tip top shape! And of course the wonderful Scarlett Marshall who I don’t think needs to be mentioned as she has been there since the beginning, but anyway, shes a wonderful ‘script advisor’ as we like to call it.

We are lucky enough to be in talks with the BAFTA award winning film director Kate Cheeseman for being the director, as well as a fantastic film production company who we will be contacting tomorrow!

Luckily, we are ALSO in touch with some fantastic child stars for the leading role, but if you have any suggestions, we are happy to listen!

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