what r u keeping ur hopes up? have u auditioned or something? or u just mean for the film?looks like you made wonderful choices in casting and didn’t fall prey to parents passing their kids of as more of actresses than they are. the cast is really developing into a strong group of talent.great compostiion of the poster. her darker hair pulls your attention toward sher face.yes i am so excited to see Katie Bignell in this movie she looks goodsupport for this amazing film is coming your way from us! it looks so cool! i would love to be in it and i admire you for writing it! i saw you in the young performer magazine congrats!!what happened to addy miller? is she no longer attached to this project?We are still in the early stages of production, whether Addy Miller is in this film or not will depend on funding. We all truely hope that we can make it possible for the fantastic Addy to be a part of it, and we are trying our hardest to make it possible.who is the writer of this?

We are still hoping funding will work out for Addy to fly over for filming. It would be a great experience for Addy, and we know it is a film we want to be part of!!i believe actress maia krall fry is the writer? which is pretty impressive as she is only 16. i read about it in some magazineactually i have no idea. it doesnt say on imdbYes Maia did write the script. It is a very powerful script for a 16 year old to writewhy can’t addy agents fly her over here, this project is great, or bring the project thereha luv the anonymous! just say your name! agents arent responsible for that. but i agree that the project seems really cool and i wish addy was in itSorry my film critic side is coming out but I love the breif synopsis I read and I think that to make ur film great u shoulkd absorb what I am writing
Am not an actress my self but I really think that to make ur film critically acclaimed and watchable u should use unknown actors as it can better help get he message across, as the audiance will not bee blinded by the big name. And also they should be semi non professional as the performance will b truer than someone from a drama school as it won’t be over thoughtwow! that’s great news, she would be a great asset to the team of actors and the other people you have been looking at and showing me!
xxxxxxxEeek this is SO exciting!OMG I love little addy, I really hope she is officially cast! I read on her blog that they are still deciding, she should deffffo do this film, she would be so good!Wow, I just saw this!! We are so excited, and hope Addy will become an offical cast member for this awesome movie. From the script we have seen so far, it will be a very powerful film with some strong talent!! Thank you guys so much for contacting us!!Wow, this film looks incredible! You seem to have some great people on board – Cant wait to hear more about it! and look forward to seeing the finished film 😀 Good Luck! XExciting! Can’t wait to hear more about this film, it sounds really good!fantastic… although I’m sure your script adviser is being very helpful as well ahem!wow this looks so amazing!
i’m really excited 😀
loads of luck to you
x xThis seems like such a great project!
Is there anywhere that I can send my picture and resume to be considered for a role?DAKKOTTAAA FANNNNING has to be in this! Would be so kool

yes, address for headshots?Have you considered the up and coming actress Emily Alyn Lind? She is currently in France walking the Red Carpet, for the movie she appears, Enter the Void, at the Cannes Film Festival. She is very talented. Her sister Natalie Alyn Lind is also very talented, and in fact has red hair. She is also very talented.Bev said… Addy Miller is an incredibly talented actress. She is an unassuming child who packs a punch in auditions and on the screen. Your film and Addy seem like a perfect match.I just randomly came across this site. I don’t know if you’ve already cast it, but have you looked at her?

If you are looking at unknowns who have talent. I saw her in a play recently and she blew me away.

I just randomly came across this site. I don’t know if you’ve already cast it, but have you looked at her?

If you are looking at unknowns who have talent. I saw her in a play recently and she blew me away.You definitely have our support!! We “Miller Family” have grown to love you and your friendship! You are an incredibly talented young lady!!love it so muchbrillant casting


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